The North Carolina House of Representatives is one of the two houses of the North Carolina General Assembly. The House is a 120-member body led by a Speaker of the House, who holds powers similar to those of the President pro-tem in the North Carolina Senate.

The qualifications to be a member of the House are found in the state Constitution: “Each Representative, at the time of his election, shall be a qualified voter of the State, and shall have resided in the district for which he is chosen for one year immediately preceding his election.” Elsewhere, the constitution specifies that qualified voters that are 21 are eligible for candidacy except if otherwise disqualified by the constitution, and that no elected officials may deny the existence of God, although the latter provision is no longer enforced, as it is illegal to do so.

Prior to the Constitution of 1868, the lower house of the North Carolina Legislature was known as the North Carolina House of Commons.

Partisan composition


(shading indicates majority caucus)
End of (2017–18) legislature75451200
Beginning of previous (2019–20) legislature65551200
End of previous (2019–20) legislature65541201
Beginning of current (2021–22) legislature69501201
January 11, 2021 – August 3, 202169511200
August 3, 2021-August 11, 2021[1]68511201
Since August 11, 2021[2]69511200
Latest voting share58%43%

Officers (2021–22 session)

North Carolina House[3] Officers
SpeakerTim MooreRepublican
Speaker Pro TemporeSarah StevensRepublican
Majority LeaderJohn R. Bell IV[4]Republican
Deputy Majority LeaderBrenden JonesRepublican
Majority WhipJon HardisterRepublican
Minority LeaderRobert T. Reives IIDemocratic
Deputy Minority LeaderGale AdcockDemocratic
Minority WhipsSusan C. FisherDemocratic
Raymond Smith Jr.Democratic
Deb ButlerDemocratic
Amos QuickDemocratic

Members (2021–22 session)

Map of current partisan composition of legislative districts for state house:

  Republican representative
  Democratic representative
DistrictRepresentativePartyCounties RepresentedFirst elected
1Ed GoodwinRepublicanBertie, Camden, Chowan, Perquimans, Tyrrell, Washington2018
2Larry YarboroughRepublicanGranville, Person2014
3Steve TysonRepublicanCraven2020
4Jimmy DixonRepublicanDuplin, Onslow2010
5Howard Hunter IIIDemocraticGates, Hertford, Pasquotank2014
6Bobby HanigRepublicanCurrituck, Dare, Hyde, Pamlico2018
7Matthew WinslowRepublicanFranklin, Nash2020
8Kandie SmithDemocraticPitt2018
9Brian FarkasDemocraticPitt2020
10John BellRepublicanGreene, Johnston, Wayne2012
11Allison DahleDemocraticWake2018
12Chris HumphreyRepublicanLenoir, Pitt2018
13Pat McElraftRepublicanCarteret, Jones2006
14George ClevelandRepublicanOnslow2004
15Phil ShepardRepublicanOnslow2010
16Carson SmithRepublicanColumbus, Pender2018
17Frank IlerRepublicanBrunswick2009↑
18Deb ButlerDemocraticNew Hanover2017↑
19Charlie MillerRepublicanBrunswick, New Hanover2020
20Ted Davis Jr.RepublicanNew Hanover2012↑
21Raymond Smith Jr.DemocraticSampson, Wayne2018
22William BrissonRepublicanBladen, Sampson2006
23Shelly WillinghamDemocraticEdgecombe, Martin2014
24Linda Cooper-SuggsDemocraticWilson2020↑
25James GailliardDemocraticNash2018
26Donna McDowell WhiteRepublicanJohnston2016
27Michael WrayDemocraticHalifax, Northampton2004
28Larry StricklandRepublicanHarnett, Johnston2016
29Vernetta AlstonDemocraticDurham2020↑
30Marcia MoreyDemocraticDurham2017↑
31Zack Forde-HawkinsDemocraticDurham2018
32Terry GarrisonDemocraticGranville, Vance, Warren2016
33Rosa GillDemocraticWake2009↑
34Grier MartinDemocraticWake2013↑ (2005-2013)
35Terence EverittDemocraticWake2018
36Julie von HaefenDemocraticWake2018
37Erin ParéRepublicanWake2020
38Abe JonesDemocraticWake2020
39James RobersonDemocraticWake2021↑
40Joe JohnDemocraticWake2016
41Gale AdcockDemocraticWake2014
42Marvin LucasDemocraticCumberland2000
43Diane WheatleyRepublicanCumberland2008
44William “Billy” RichardsonDemocraticCumberland2015↑ (1993-1996)
45John SzokaRepublicanCumberland2012
46Brenden JonesRepublicanColumbus, Robeson2016
47Charles GrahamDemocraticRobeson2010
48Garland PierceDemocraticHoke, Scotland2004
49Cynthia BallDemocraticWake2016
50Graig MeyerDemocraticCaswell, Orange2013↑
51John SaulsRepublicanHarnett, Lee2016
52Jamie BolesRepublicanMoore2008
53Howard Penny Jr.RepublicanHarnett2020↑
54Robert ReivesDemocraticChatham, Durham2014↑
55Mark BrodyRepublicanAnson, Union2012
56Verla InskoDemocraticOrange1996
57Ashton ClemmonsDemocraticGuilford2018
58Amos QuickDemocraticGuilford2016
59Jon HardisterRepublicanGuilford2012
60Cecil BrockmanDemocraticGuilford2014
61Pricey HarrisonDemocraticGuilford2004
62John FairclothRepublicanGuilford2010
63Ricky HurtadoDemocraticAlamance2020
64Dennis RiddellRepublicanAlamance2012
65Reece Pyrtle[5][6]RepublicanRockingham2021↑
66Ben MossRepublicanMontgomery, Richmond, Stanly2020
67Wayne SasserRepublicanCabarrus, Stanly2018
68David WillisRepublicanUnion2020
69Dean ArpRepublicanUnion2012
70Pat HurleyRepublicanRandolph2006
71Evelyn TerryDemocraticForsyth2012
72Amber BakerDemocraticForsyth2020
73Lee ZacharyRepublicanForsyth, Yadkin2014
74Jeff ZengerRepublicanForsyth2020
75Donny LambethRepublicanForsyth2012
76Harry WarrenRepublicanRowan2016
77Julia Craven HowardRepublicanDavie, Rowan1988
78Allen McNeillRepublicanMoore, Randolph2012↑
79Keith KidwellRepublicanBeaufort, Craven2018
80Sam WatfordRepublicanDavidson2020 (2015-2019)
81Larry PottsRepublicanDavidson2016
82Kristin Baker[7]RepublicanCabarrus2020↑
83Larry PittmanRepublicanCabarrus, Rowan2011↑
84Jeffrey McNeelyRepublicanIredell2019↑
85Dudley GreeneRepublicanAvery, McDowell, Mitchell2020
86Hugh BlackwellRepublicanBurke2008
87Destin HallRepublicanCaldwell2016
88Mary BelkDemocraticMecklenburg2016
89Mitchell SetzerRepublicanCatawba1998
90Sarah StevensRepublicanAlleghany, Surry, Wilkes2008
91Kyle HallRepublicanRockingham, Stokes, Surry2016
92Terry BrownDemocraticMecklenburg2020
93Ray PickettRepublicanAshe, Watauga2020
94Jeffrey ElmoreRepublicanAlleghany, Wilkes2012
95Grey MillsRepublicanIredell2020 (2009-2013)
96Jay AdamsRepublicanCatawba2014
97Jason SaineRepublicanLincoln2011↑
98John BradfordRepublicanMecklenburg2020 (2015-2019)
99Nasif MajeedDemocraticMecklenburg2018
100John AutryDemocraticMecklenburg2016
101Carolyn LoganDemocraticMecklenburg2018
102Becky CarneyDemocraticMecklenburg2002
103Rachel HuntDemocraticMecklenburg2018
104Brandon LoftonDemocraticMecklenburg2018
105Wesley HarrisDemocraticMecklenburg2018
106Carla CunninghamDemocraticMecklenburg2012
107Kelly AlexanderDemocraticMecklenburg2008
108John TorbettRepublicanGaston2010
109Dana BumgardnerRepublicanGaston2012
110Kelly HastingsRepublicanCleveland, Gaston2010
111Tim MooreRepublicanCleveland2002
112David RogersRepublicanBurke, Rutherford2016↑
113Jake JohnsonRepublicanHenderson, Polk, Transylvania2019↑
114Susan FisherDemocraticBuncombe2004↑
115John AgerDemocraticBuncombe2014
116Brian TurnerDemocraticBuncombe2014
117Tim MoffittRepublicanHenderson2020↑ (2011-2015)
118Mark PlessRepublicanHaywood, Madison, Yancey2020
119Mike ClampittRepublicanHaywood, Jackson, Swain2020 (2017-2019)
120Karl GillespieRepublicanCherokee, Clay, Graham, Macon2020
  • ↑: Member was first appointed to office.

Source: NC General Assembly official site

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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