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The state legislature marked “crossover” last week, the point at which most bills must pass at least one chamber to have a chance of becoming law this session.

House members had filed 969 bills by the end of last week, and senators had filed 721.

The House passed 336 bills by the crossover deadline — a little more than a third — and the Senate passed 156, about a quarter of those filed. About two dozen have already become law.

North Carolina COVID-19 update
April 28, 2021

People on felony probation or parole can be prosecuted for voting illegally even if they don’t know they’re ineligible.

Fewer people were suspected of illegally voting while on probation or parole for a felony in the 2020 general election compared with 2016, according to a state review. However, the state Board of Elections found more possible cases of double voting.

As of early December, 33 people were suspected of voting while serving an active sentence for a felony, and 65 people were suspected of voting twice in the fall election. People with felony convictions can vote in North Carolina, but only after they have completed their probation or have left parole.


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