How to moderate a post

How to moderate a post


1- To become a post moderator, you will need to be an onAir member (and a member of the Hub your posts are located).

2- Send an email to the post’s curator listed in the “Discuss” section of the post and request permission to become the post’s moderator. You will then be able to moderate feedback and forums as well as add recent significant news items and content to the post.

3- To moderate a post, select “Moderate my posts” under the “Moderate ” button in the site header or go to a specific post they are co-authoring and select the pencil icon located at the top of the post sidebar above the table of contents

OnAir Post: How to moderate a post


Post Discussions

1- We encourage civil and honest discourse without allowing for harassment or threats to personal safety.  Any user or content that infringes on this goal will be removed from the platform.

Our takedown rules and guidelines will evolve as political discourse evolves. Our Curation Principles will undergo an annual review to ensure that they match the evolving nature of political discussion. All users will be fully notified of changes to the platform’s guidelines. Ad hoc reviews of rules and guidelines will also occur if needed, and Democracy onAir reserves the right to make case-by-case decisions if content does not fit cleanly into a category but nonetheless runs counter to our general principles. See Terms of Service for more detail.

2- Ad hominem comments are discouraged

Post Content

Below are the guidelines for editing and adding post content:

1- Close coordination with person or persons associated with post e.g. interface with candidate or committee chair and their staff for accuracy and comprehensiveness of content

2- Full citation and credit: All included information will include source information and hyperlinks.

3- Post viewers can suggest edits and new content

Moderating Feedback

Any Hub member can submit to the post curator a question (and suggest additions and edits to the post).  The curator, if he or she deems that the content of the feedback meets the onAir curation guidelines, can insert the question into a post as well as convey questions to the politician or subject matter expert referenced in a post.

For politician posts, Hub members can also, if appropriate, send the curator an “endorsement” to be placed in the post.

To add an endorsement, select the “Add Q&A” button in the lower right corner then fill in the fields.

Curator tutorials 4

Adding News items

1. To add a Top News item to a post, authors (after logging in), click on the “Top News” button in the left column.

2. To determine where to place the item, hover over the far right area of the post until you see the plus icon that says “Add item”.

Curator tutorials

3. After selecting “Add items”, a set of entry fields will appear

Curator tutorials 2

4. Select the item type (e.g. video or article) you want to add from the drop down….

Curator tutorials 3





Curators can also add OnAir videos of recorded online events such as debates, town halls and forums. Your Hub editor will assist you and other US onAir members with the scheduling, promotion, production and editing of these events.

4. All item types require at minimum a “Title” and a “Source URL” (web link) to the item.

5. For videos that use a YouTube or Vimeo player, insert the link (source URL) at the top of the video. For other “shareable” videos, have the post’s editor add the video. When adding a video, it is recommended that curators add the source date and length of video.

6. When adding an article, in addition to the above actions, you must add some content e.g. a subtitle and two to three paragraphs from the article.

Editing Content

To make minor edits to a post, select the heading with the content you want to edit. Editing is very similar to editing a word document. To add formatted text, select the Paste unformatted icon icon and paste in your content.

To add a YouTube or Vimeo video, copy the url for the video and Insert into post.

If you have any questions or want to make edits not discussed above,  please contact your post’s curator.

Moderating Discussions


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