Voting in North Carolina

Voting in North Carolina


Federal & state elections on the ballot: US Senator, 13 US House members, Governor, State Senate and House members

Ballot Measures:

The North Carolina State Board of Elections oversees all North Carolina elections.




Email: State Board of Elections


Board of Elections
P.O. Box 27255 Raleigh, NC 27611-7255
Phone: (866) 522-4723
Fax: (919) 715-0135


Board of Elections, Twitter, Facebook

Registering to Vote

General Information

Who can register

To register in North Carolina you must:

  • be a citizen of the United States
  • be a resident of North Carolina and the precinct in which you live for at least 30 days prior to Election Day
  • be 18 years of age by the day of the next general election
  • have your rights of citizenship restored if you have been convicted of a felony
  • not be registered or vote in any other county or state

How to register

  1. Use our Register to Vote form below to fill out the National Voter Registration Form.
  2. Sign and date your form. This is very important!
  3. Mail or hand-deliver your completed form to the address we provide.
  4. Make sure you register before the voter registration deadline.

Election Day registration

Voting Rights restoration

If you have been convicted of a felony and have questions about whether you can register to vote, visit Restore Your Vote to determine your eligibility.

Registration Status (form)

New Registration (form)


General Information

Voting as a Student

Learn more from Campus Vote Project about voting for students.

Overseas and Military Voting

You are a Military or Overseas voter if you are in uniformed services, living overseas OR a spouse or dependent of a uniformed services voter. To get registered and vote, you can utilize Overseas Vote Foundation.

If you have additional questions about elections and voting overseas you can use our state specific elections official directory or contact the Overseas Vote Foundation.

Voting with Disabilities

Voting assistance and curbside voting are offered to disabled voters.


Aged and disabled persons allowed to vote outside voting enclosure. In any primary or election any qualified voter who is able to travel to the voting place, but because of age, or physical disability and physical barriers encountered at the voting place is unable to enter the voting place or enclosure to vote in person without physical assistance, shall be allowed to vote either in the vehicle conveying such person to the voting place or in the immediate proximity of the voting place.


Assistance to voters in primaries and general elections. In a primary or general election, a registered voter qualified to vote in the primary or general election shall be entitled to assistance in getting to and from the voting booth and in preparing his ballots in accordance with the following rules:

1. Any voter shall be entitled to assistance from a near relative of his [her] choice.

2. Any voter in any of the following four categories shall be entitled to assistance from a person of the voter’s choice, other than the voter’s employer or agent of that employer or officer or agent of the voter’s union:

-One who, on account of physical disability, is unable to enter the voting booth without assistance;

-One who, on account of physical disability, is unable to mark his ballots without assistance;

-One who, on account of illiteracy, is unable to mark his ballots without assistance;

-One who, on account of blindness, is unable to enter the voting booth or mark his ballots without assistance.

Please visit your state’s resource for additional information. You can also utilize the American Association of People With Disabilities (AAPD) resource.

Early Voting

One-stop absentee voting (early voting) begins on the third Thursday before the election and ends at 5pm the last Friday before the election. One-stop absentee voting takes place at either the County Board of Elections office or an alternate site if your County Board office is not able to handle in-person voting.

If you are not registered by the registration deadline, you may register during the one-stop early voting period and vote that same day. In order to register during the one-stop early voting period, you must show proof of address. This can include a valid and current photo ID or any document showing your name and current address.

For specific locations of where you can vote, please click here.

Vote by Mail (Absentee)

Absentee ballot rules

Any registered North Carolina voter may apply for an absentee ballot and vote by mail.

How to get Absentee ballot

    1. Use our Absentee Ballot form below to prepare your application.
    2. Sign and date the form. This is very important!
    3. Return your completed application to your Local Election Office as soon as possible. We’ll provide the mailing address for you.
    4. All Local Election Offices will accept mailed or hand-delivered forms. If it’s close to the deadline, call and see if your Local Election Office will let you fax or email the application.
    5. Make sure your application is received by the deadline. Your application must actually arrive by this time — simply being postmarked by the deadline is insufficient.
    6. Please contact your Local Election Office if you have any further questions about the exact process.

What to do next

  1. Once you receive the ballot, carefully read and follow the instructions.
  2. Sign and date where indicated.
  3. Mark the ballot in the presence of two witnesses (or one witness if the witness is a notary public).
  4. Seal the ballot and complete the Absentee Application and Certificate on the back of the envelope.
  5. Have the witness(es) complete and sign the Witnesses’ Certification portion of the envelope.
  6. Mail your voted ballot back to the address indicated on the return envelope. Your voted ballot must arrive by the deadline or it will not be counted.

Absentee ballot application deadline

  • Postmarked by Election Day and received by 3 days after Election Day.

Absentee ballot submission deadline

  • Any registered North Carolina voter may apply for an absentee ballot and vote by mail.

Absentee Ballot (form)

Elections Alert (Form)

Pollling Information

Polling Place Locator

You can find your polling place by utilizing your state resource. If you have further questions on your polling place location, please contact your county clerk.

Polling Place Hours

The polling place will be open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Poll Worker Information

In order to be a poll worker in North Carolina:

  • You must be registered to vote in North Carolina
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You will be entitled to compensation
  • Political affiliation generally required
  • You must be a resident of state and precinct for 30 days prior to the election
  • You must complete required training, exam and certification
  • Students 17 years of age with county residency may be appointed if they are enrolled in high school and have consent from a parent

To sign up, contact your local board of elections.

 State Board of Elections

Source: web page

The State Board of Elections (State Board) is the state agency charged with the administration of the elections process and campaign finance disclosure and compliance.
The Governor appoints the members from a list of nominees submitted to the Governor by the State party chair of each of the two political parties having the highest number of registered affiliates. Not more than three members of the State Board shall be members of the same political party.

The state’s 100 County Boards of Elections conduct local elections, operate voting sites, maintain voter registration lists and handle numerous aspects of election administration. The office of the State Board works in conjunction with County Boards of Elections offices to ensure that elections are conducted lawfully and fairly.

The State Board of Elections and N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles now offer certain online voter registration services for existing DMV customers.


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